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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Genre: Role playing Game (RPG) Developer: Bethesda Game Studios Release Date: 11.11.11 Skyrim — a freezing nordic nation between Obvilion’s Cyrodill and the dark elf land of Morrowind. It is the northernmost region of Tamriel, the continent where most of the Elder scrolls game are based, and is a […] Continue reading →

All about the SlutWalk!

 Now that Slut walk is coming to Delhi and most Indians are unaware of what it is all about so here we are to explain it to you! So what exactly is the Slut Walk? Slut walk is a protest march that originated or rather first took place in Toronto, Canada for the first time […] Continue reading →


Pravah Okay so we at OP have spoken of the humor part of life, the serious part of life, about the gen x, discussed a bit of technology with verish coming up with some app reviews and Gaurav with Motorola Xoom’s review and Xoom against iPad, then Aniket came up with his sad but touching poems […] Continue reading →

Two Letters to Die for

love_letter Okay even though this post isn’t an original (if it were this would have been last piece of work ever) but I will still post it for these are two letters I would die for….. Both of them are from a television series which goes by the name californication…. Here it goes.   The first […] Continue reading →

Hilarious Laws from Around The World!

407238-45621-22     Okay this post is about the few hilarious laws that do exist around the world and trust me they are hilarious indeed! We don’t promise that this will be the only part but this is surely the first part. Here are the first top 20 hilarious laws that we came across! 1.In England, […] Continue reading →

The Best of Hank Moody

 Okay even though this is not exactly a category on our site but over the years many fictional characters have come up who are being loved all over the world. So today we are starting a new series which we will term as “The Best Of-” Now if you have visited out site before you […] Continue reading →

The Curious Case of Rohit Sharma!

  Yuvraj singh ,when once asked who he thought to be the most the most talented Indian player around,did not take much time to give the answer.He simply said that Rohit Sharma easily topped the list. I think, all of us would agree that Sharma has not yet justified his talent. At such a young […] Continue reading →