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Google Doodle : Slalom Canoe at Olympics

google doodle Stalom Canoe Google is here with yet another Doodle which will go live in a few hours in India. Over the last two days, Google came up with two very exciting and in so many ways killer pass time and addictive interactive Doodles. Two days ago, Google came up with it’s first interactive doodle which was based […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle : Basketball

o Google came up with a very interesting interactive Doodle this morning and we did give you a post regarding the same. The doodle dealt with the hurdles race which supposedly was the main event for today. Clicking on the doodle let you run the hurdles race awarding you a medal as per your timing at […] Continue reading →

Playoffs: win or go home

spotlight Playoffs: win or go home Regular season is over and it’s time for the playoffs. Now teams have to perform and it’s all about how a team plays, it’s all about teamwork. Big names have big roles to play. Now coaches don’t have time to experiment new things. Players now can’t sit back and just […] Continue reading →

Wait is over: NBA season 2011-12

NBA “ Practice sessions are finished, planning period is over; time for crying over the previous season’s defeat and thinking what went wrong has gone. Lockout is over. Now it’s the time to play some ball, now it’s the time where their skills and how they play will count the most. It’s a big Christmas for […] Continue reading →


PLAYING LEGEND:-   KOBE BRYANT                    Hey guys how is everyone doing? So today we are here to give you and insight of a basketball legend. I will not be wrong in saying that if you have even a little bit knowledge about basketball, you surely would have heard his name! Kobe […] Continue reading →