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Sony Xperia P review

Xperia_P Sony’s effort to revive itself in the smartphone market brings us to another device which the company is offering. Xperia P was launched a couple of days ago and we are here with the review of the device. Xperia P has a 4.0 inch display with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels which generates […] Continue reading →

Movie Review: The Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking-Dawn-movie-poster-twilight-series-6694451-653-981 Movie Review:  The Breaking Dawn Part 1 [xrr rating=1.5/5] Hello Twilight/New Moon/ Eclipse/ Breaking Dawn lovers and haters, we sure know that you fall in either of the category. Or maybe I could have put it plainly as Stephenie Meyer’s fan or haters or whatever or whoever you are, the first part of the final […] Continue reading →

Peace by Sameera Mehta

guest post “Wait here for me, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” I nodded my assent and settled back against the comfortable leather seat to await his return. Soon getting bored, I rolled down my window and observed the people around me. There was a couple of street urchins skipping rope nearby. There was an old man […] Continue reading →

Prince By Achint Maniar

guest post It was a cloudy night, I was sitting in my room staring out of the window. “Look at the black billow in the sky” I said to myself. Gazing outside the window I called “prince! Prince!! Where are you prince??”  There was no sound. Pin drop silence in the room. I turned my head around […] Continue reading →

Movie Review : The Change-Up

The Change-UP Hollywood Movie: The Change-Up Genre: Comedy Starring: Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde Writers: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore Director: David Dobkin Production Co: Big Kid Pictures, Original Film, Relativity Media   The first thing I noticed about The Change Up was “From the directors of Wedding Crashers and the writers of The Hangover” and I thought the movie will be fun. Moreover this […] Continue reading →

When I first looked at her by Srishti

guest post When I first looked at herShe swept me off my feet.My faculties were shamelessly drooling when I first looked at those eyes, those hazel eyes.I fell in love instantly and a sharp twitch, shockingly not in my trousers, moved me.I had been admiring the simplicity of what she wore, a dull blue kurta and jeans, and […] Continue reading →

Life, Death and Soul

L&D A lifeless body, A bodiless soul. Stiff hands, stiff feet, A heart without a beat. A brain, with no power to feed. Eyes without any sort of fluid, Nothing to see, Motionless lips, With nothing to reap. (The silence hurting the ears.) Swallowed tongue, No longer meant to taste or eat. Yet a tear, in […] Continue reading →

What do we want?

genx Okay this topic is nothing that you wouldn’t have heard of before. This is something that has been spoken of a number of times at numerous events in thousands of debates on hundreds of tv channels and at almost every college. The topic of discussion or debate or whatever you might like to term this […] Continue reading →