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Top 5 features of Nexus 5

Untitled It has been three month since Google’s highly anticipated flagship Nexus 5 hit the Indian markets.  Although the device comes with its share of shortcomings, over the months we have grown to love the device in every possible way. Initially marketed as a phone for developers, the Nexus line of devices has seen towering growth […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy S IV Revealed as SGS III + 1080p display!

Samsung Galaxy S IV First of all let me make this absolutely clear that instead of being a news article that will contain the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S IV which was revealed early morning at around 5 AM IST, this is going to be an article where I might finally vent my feelings regarding Samsung’s plastic body and […] Continue reading →

Initial review: Xperia Z

Xperia Z It is going to be the year of snake according to the Chinese calender and the year of Full HD screens in our hands, the way we see it. The year has just begun and Sony like the case has been from the past few years is one of  the first manufacturers to bring their flagship device […] Continue reading →

What type of camera you should buy?

camera_guide_main_latest Are you a shutterbug or someone who loves to click photographs of almost everything be it the exotic and the not so exotic places you visit, the delicious or the not so delicious food you eat, the portraits of people that you meet or clicking the photographs of the wildlife? Maybe it is about time […] Continue reading →

Exclusive: Sony Xperia LT29i Hayabusa preview

Xperia Lt29i_1 Weeks before the official announcement of Sony’s upcoming flagship for the late half of 2012 i.e. Xperia LT29i Hayabusa, someone has managed to get a complete hands on with the device, confirming specs and releasing a full preview of the device. Keep in mind that the device is a prototype and bears the logo of […] Continue reading →

Sony LT29i Hayabusa leaks again

lt29i hayabusa If you thought Sony was down and out in the smartphone market, you might want to recheck your sources. Sony is planning to come out all guns blazing this fall with two new handsets in the pipeline. Just a month ago, Sony launched Xperia GX in Japan. Ever since the launch there have been numerous […] Continue reading →

Infographic — Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Google Nexus 7

TabWarsIG Google has finally stepped into the Tab market with its cost-effective-high-specs Nexus 7. The device was revealed a few days back with the latest and greatest OS for any tablet yet — Android “Jellybean” 4.1. The tablet is cheap and yet a high end device in terms of specifications and hardware. With a price of […] Continue reading →