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The Ins and Outs of Picking a Driver’s Ed Course

guest-post Learning how to drive is one of the biggest milestones in a teenager’s life. It can also be one of the most nerve-wracking times for a parent who can’t help but wonder how well their child will navigate the roads in the future. Because driving is such serious business, it is important to find and […] Continue reading →

6 Important Life Lessons –

 Okay I know these days I have been copying a lot of stuff from the internet but I just can’t help it. There are hilarious things all over the internet and worth sharing too so here I am sharing with you yet another post which originally is from Lesson 1: Naked Wife A man […] Continue reading →

Even If I die she won’t care…..!!!!!!!!

 Hi it’s me Aniket again. Well this is some kind of short story you may say, but each time I saw it on my desktop it made me think twice. Well this is something I wrote a long time back and hope that you’ll somehow sense the amount of love, passion and feeling of hope […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Cool Automotive Technology!

AutomotiveTechnology In a world of technology which dazzles the mind and baffles the senses, losing sight of older and more weather machines is all-too-easy. Things we use every day without much thought or contemplation are very often the most marvelous machines we own. Perhaps the prime example of such technology is the car.  Your car is […] Continue reading →

Hilarious Laws from Around The World!

407238-45621-22     Okay this post is about the few hilarious laws that do exist around the world and trust me they are hilarious indeed! We don’t promise that this will be the only part but this is surely the first part. Here are the first top 20 hilarious laws that we came across! 1.In England, […] Continue reading →

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu dhabi So, we’re 2 race away from the end of the 2011 Formula 1 season, and the 2nd last race of the season is probably on one of the best circuit. Vettel has already won the championship this year, and that too with a huge margin. He’s going to race to make some new records, while […] Continue reading →

Peace by Sameera Mehta

guest post “Wait here for me, I’ll be back in a jiffy.” I nodded my assent and settled back against the comfortable leather seat to await his return. Soon getting bored, I rolled down my window and observed the people around me. There was a couple of street urchins skipping rope nearby. There was an old man […] Continue reading →

Love Polygon

confused-love “Love Polygon? What are we talking of here? Have heard of a certain love triangle what’s the polygon all about?” These are the few questions that would have come to your mind as soon as you saw the name of the topic! Well I am here to explain what’s a ‘Love Polygon!’ and through out […] Continue reading →