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App Review: Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3d Price: $0.99 Platform: App Store Hi all. Today i have a brilliant puzzle game which i have been hooked on for a day. I find good puzzle games diff This is an amazing game in which, with your finger, have to move a jumbled up blueprint so that all the pieces match together and make […] Continue reading →

The Internet in 2020

internet in the future Technology is something that has seen rapid growth in the recent past. Mobile technology is arguably is the biggest change that we have seen in the past few years. We still remember pretty clearly those days when Symbian OS series 40 and 60 ruled the world and this certainly doesn’t date back to more than […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Apple Versus Google

google Hi all. Today i am doing another infographic and this one showing quite a lot of detail in a very colourful so one does not get bored. This time it is about, arguably,  the two biggest technology companies out there. The first apple which we know to be an amzing company which, as we all […] Continue reading →

Facebook Timeline Prototype

facebook Ever since facebook’s ‘revolutionary’ change as far as ‘profile’ is concerned, there have been a number of people who have loved the timeline and there are many who have hated it as well! Now, that the number of timeline haters are way more than the number of timeline lovers, as has been proved time and […] Continue reading →


 I used to hate social networking sites, ever since I opened an account on it. I mean it seems useless to me make your profile and then accept or send friend requests, tag people. And all this happens when you don’t know the exact portfolio of the other person. You might be thinking if I […] Continue reading →

The Addiction of Facebook

facebook.uncle_ Hi All. Hope you are all well and enjoying the new year. This, for a change, is not an app review. This post will be entering the lifestyle section so it will be my debut there. Fingers crossed it is fine and hopefully i can be a regular lifestyle writer.  This, as the title suggests, […] Continue reading →

App Review: Flick Home Run

Flick Home Run Price: freePlatform: iPhone, iPod, iPadHi all. Today i am posting quiye a new game for a change. You might have seen it on the top lists. Its called flick homerun. The objective of the game is quite simple. Baseballs will be pitched at you and you have to flick them as far as possible. At […] Continue reading →