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The Cost of Server Downtime [Infographic]

 There used to be a time when people didn’t really rely on the internet for anything. Hard to believe for us today but yes, there definitely was a time! During those days, when Facebook wasn’t the driving force for people latching on to the internet or people actually reading books to find solutions rather than […] Continue reading →

The true cost of iPhone 5!

iphone5_2338246b Last month came Apple’s next big innovation and the fact is it had nothing new to offer other than being ‘bigger’ than the previous version of the iPhone. Sure Apple Fan boys you can go ahead and hate us for stating the truth but the fact will continue to remain a fact and iPhone 5 […] Continue reading →

The Estimated Cost of being Batman!

The-Dark-Knight-batman-581645_1280_960 So a couple of days ago we gave you the estimated cost of being Iron Man. While we were at it, we drew straight and pretty evident comparisons between Marvel Comics’ Iron Man and DC Comics’ Batman. Both of them, apart from having a will to be super heroes for they love it, other than […] Continue reading →

Wind-up Knight – App Review

Wind-Up-Knight Platform- Android Cost- Free at the time of review [xrr rating=4.5/5] Wind-up Knight is yet another addictive game that we came across. The main objective of the game is to get your character, the wind-up knight, to the end of each level. The knight’s goal is to successfully navigate each level in order to reach the flag […] Continue reading →

FREE Book giveaway: Faceless by Tapan Ghosh

faceless How is everyone doing today? It’s time to for yet another contest which, well, isn’t much of a contest but more of a free give away of a book entitled “Faceless”! So if you are a reader and would love to get a free copy of the book leave a message with your email id […] Continue reading →

Day to Day Problems in Immunization a presentation By Dr. Harivansh Chopra

Vaccination_needle     Immunization against vaccine preventable diseases is the second most cost effective intervention in preventive medicine. All the vaccines have to be stored at recommended temperature and must be used with due precautions in infants. This presentation highlights the various problems which are faced by different categories of workers in different settings. The purpose […] Continue reading →

Aakash – The 35$ Tablet!

It’s raining gadgets this year and the Indian Government has come up with one of its own — The ultra-low cost tablet, named Aakash (formerly named Sakshat), is finally here. It was announced back in July 2010 and released today (5th October 2011). It will be available commercially very soon (Most probably this November). The […] Continue reading →