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Kohli steals the show again!

vi There is no limit to this man’s hunger for runs. Everything time he sets his foot on a green lush cricket ground anywhere in the world, he raises the bar for himself to a new height which I just can’t help but admire! Virat Kohli now has thirteen centuries next to his name and his […] Continue reading →

Life and the Law of Self-Acceptance

self-acceptance Life and the Law of Self-Acceptance: It’s been a long time since we spoke about life over here at Observer’s Paradise and us accepting this is in a way point of this post as well. Believe it or not, or rather, accept it or not, we humans live major part of our lives in denial […] Continue reading →


Reaching Out to Help Someone in Despair We talk we share, and there isn’t a limit layer. It can be about the east or the west everything said and heard with full zest. There are moments when you are down and out, ready to hide yourself in a hole you dug out and that’s the moment when you need the dose which […] Continue reading →

The Game Called Life

past-present-future The Game Called Life It has its ups, It has its downs, It has its moment of joy, And then the moments when you are a walking clown. Life is a game at which we play. We make our moves on every day. Some are right and some are wrong. We usually look back as […] Continue reading →

Reasons why people unfollow you on twitter!

twitter_logo_11 Twitter is most definitely a place to make new friends, to virtually share everything that’s happening in your life. Now, that right there is the biggest thing why people unfollow you on Twitter. One shares everything, EVERYTHING! Ever wondered where all the fan following, where all the people who were following you just a couple […] Continue reading →

Hold on just a little while longer

Photo illustration by Mindy Ricketts Hold on just a little while longer When life begins to fade, When faith gets skeptic, When the clarity of mind is lost, When everything appears to come at too huge a cost. Hold on just a little while longer. When the truth appears, To be the biggest lie, When reality makes you, Want to […] Continue reading →

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

 Game: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Genre:  Third Person Action Adventure (TPAA) Developer:  Ubisoft Release Date: Nov 30, 2003 ‘The Sands of time’  is certainly a masterpiece. This is probably the first PoP game that I played from start to the end and I can definitely say that it grows on you and […] Continue reading →