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App Review- Spirit

spirit-hd-screenshot-1 Price: $0.99 Platform: Android, Apple Hi All. Sorry i have not been posting for sometime. Have been very busy with school. Anyway, today i am reviewing a very new and not so well known app but what may seem like an old classic with a twist. The name is very deceiving but it has not […] Continue reading →

Humans and Hypocrisy!

hypocrite-1 Okay so let’s begin this post in an entirely different way, the positive way. Let’s begin this by stating the fact of life that no human can or should disagree to. Let’s begin by saying that all humans are hypocrites! Yes, and I am not ashamed of calling myself a hypocrite and I am pretty […] Continue reading →

App Review-Ferrari GT Evolution

mzl.hdfaotyh Platform: iPod, iPad, iPhone Price: 0.69p Hi All. Here is another great review with a brilliant app coming your way. This i time the app is a racing game which are very popular on the app store but are very difficult to find. I will say, that this app is one of the more decent […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Apple Versus Google

google Hi all.  Today i am doing another infographic and this one showing quite a lot of detail in a very colourful so one does not get bored. This time it is about, arguably,  the two biggest technology companies out there. The first apple which we know to be an amzing company which, as we all […] Continue reading →

Infographic: What Apple Have Done Over the Years

189892-01_apple_innovation_slide[1] Hi All. This is again to continue with all the other Infographics which have been coming your way. This one is all about what apple have achieved over the years and what impact they have had on the world as well as about how they have changed it. It is not the most colourful photo […] Continue reading →

App Review: Angry Gran

mzl.vnzdlmsu.1024x1024-65 Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Price: Free Hi All. Here is my app review for the end of the month. Wow it has gone fast and hopefully gone well. Everyone should have had a great first month of 2012 and this will be a good omen for the rest of they year. OK. I think […] Continue reading →

App Review: Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Price: £0.69p Hi All. Here is the next flood of app reviews for you. And this one is a very popular classic but i am reviewing this for people who use android and who have never played the game before. Android users might have not come across this game but […] Continue reading →

Even If I die she won’t care…..!!!!!!!!

 Hi it’s me Aniket again. Well this is some kind of short story you may say, but each time I saw it on my desktop it made me think twice. Well this is something I wrote a long time back and hope that you’ll somehow sense the amount of love, passion and feeling of hope […] Continue reading →