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Humans and Hypocrisy!

hypocrite-1 Okay so let’s begin this post in an entirely different way, the positive way. Let’s begin this by stating the fact of life that no human can or should disagree to. Let’s begin by saying that all humans are hypocrites! Yes, and I am not ashamed of calling myself a hypocrite and I am pretty […] Continue reading →

Infographic: 10 types of facebook friends!

the-types-of-facebook-friends-main Hey everyone here is yet another infographic that might interest you mainly because it talks about facebook, (yes, we agree we have covered a number of infographics related to facebook recently but the fact is all of them were totally worth it.) Ever since facebook came into existence or rather ever since facebook went viral […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: The Spectrum, as I saw it till now..

guest post Someone close to me once said this : ”The only queer people, are the ones who do not love anybody.” , and hence nothing like the pros and cons of it to debate about. For people who would claim that they know me, might tell you that I don’t give opinions on anything very readily. Well, to a […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: ALL ABOUT HAPPyNESS By Srishti Dixit

guest post This post on happiness primarily revolves around a lot of things that we have often heard and read before. Many articles have been written till date on what is happiness all about, how can one find happiness in trivial things, how can one learn to stay happy with what she/he has go t , what […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Random

guest post Umm, its quite a high chance that most of the people reading this have at least one photo album on some social-networking site or real, palpable pictures or for that matter, anything else, an anecdote, a situation, a place, a person, album that they’ve titled as ‘random’. I often wonder what makes certain things  ‘random’ from everything else ? […] Continue reading →

Artist of the Week : AC/DC

ac/dc rock band AC/DC or also called ACCA DACA by their followers, originally hail from Australia. AC/DC was originally formed in 1973 but till date they are still carrying their same magic and same power they used to have in their music when they initially started the band. Originally this band was formed by Malcolm and Angus and […] Continue reading →

Book Preview: The (In)eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

The (In)Eligible Bachelor  ‘The (In)eligible Bachelors’  is to be released by Rupa & Co. next month is a fun, frothy take on the age old debate of arranged marriages versus love marriages. Arranged marriages, the not so eligible bachelors and pushy mothers – put the three together and you have Ruchita’s first book Here is a brief look: Kasturi Shukla, the fumbling […] Continue reading →