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Ship of Theseus!

poster 3 Now you may all be wondering why, we at OP have, out of the blue, have added a new entry on our page reading Ship of Theseus. Actually, it’s a film which has been chosen to be screened at the Toronto Film Festival and also, that someone close to us is a part of it. […] Continue reading →

Relive the first 35 years of Star Wars!

694px-Star_Wars_Logo.svg Star Wars is more than just a fiction film series, it is a hell lot more. Created by George Lucas, as the fans would be aware, the first movie was released on May 25, 1977 and the series hasn’t looked back ever since. Star Wars became and instant hit and owing to its success, two […] Continue reading →

Rowdy Rathore : Movie Review

Akshay-Kumar-Rowdy-Rathore-First-Look-download Rowdy Rathore : Movie Review Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha Rating: 3/5 Review: We all know what Prabhu Deva is capable of as a director as far as action is concerned and witnessed high energy action with slow motion effects in ‘Wanted’.  Of late, action flicks have done a decent enough job if not blasted […] Continue reading →

Short Film of the Week: The Bloody Game II Trailer

the bloody game II We have given you amazing short films in the past and so we are back with yet another interesting flick for you only this time, we aren’t going to present to you the entire film but just the trailer that we stumbled upon a couple of hours ago. The Bloody Game II is the second […] Continue reading →

Movie Review:The Avengers!

av The most awaited film of the summer hit the screens this friday and though my excitation had reached fever pitch,I was a little apprehensive.Big movies with electrifying star cast have turned out to be complete duds before. Much to my immense delight,that was not the case with The Avengers! Joss Whedon has done an terrific […] Continue reading →

Vicky Donor : Movie Review

vicky-donor [xrr rating=3.5/5] Finally! Finally! Finally, there is a movie in Bollywood worth talking of. Vicky Donor is one movie that we were waiting for and the good thing, it proved to it’s mettle or rather we should say proved to be the right sperm! There was a time in Bollywood when everyone used to talk […] Continue reading →