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Guest Post #3: Sucky S*it by Srishti Dixit

guest post The quick transition nowadays from being single to being in a relationship is the new in-thing among teenagers. Every teen on planet Earth is out on a search to find their ‘soul-mate’. The ‘soul-mate’ might be a total nut-case but who cares! Its ‘love’ after all and that is all what really matters isn’t it? Traditionally, […] Continue reading →

App Review: Blueprint 3D

Blueprint 3d Price: $0.99 Platform: App Store Hi all. Today i have a brilliant puzzle game which i have been hooked on for a day. I find good puzzle games diff This is an amazing game in which, with your finger, have to move a jumbled up blueprint so that all the pieces match together and make […] Continue reading →

App Review: Eden-World Builder

eden app image Price: 0.69p Platform: App store Hi all. Today i am posting another brilliant app which many people might now know about. It is a perfect app fro people who like designing and building things. An app that can keep you hooked for a very long time. In this app simply, you make things. Anything you […] Continue reading →

Infrographic: iPhone vs Android

OP Infographics Hi all. Today’s infographic is about the two big phone companies going head-to-head. It shows you all the latestfigures and very big comparisons. This infographic would be perfect if you are making a decision of whether to buy an iPhone or android. The infographic is a little biased towards android but it has reason to […] Continue reading →

App Review: Dooors

dooors app image Price: Free Platform: iOS Hi all. Today i am reviewing a new but amazing puzzle game. One that will definitely keep your phone at your fingertips. The game has a very easy concept but is very tricky and i will admit, i have had to use Google for a couple of the levels! Which means […] Continue reading →

App Review: Tiny Wings

tiny-wings-developer-trailer_1-1 Price: £0.69 Platform: App Store Hi all. Today i am posting a nice, little, simple app which has been on the market for some time and I don’t know why I didn’t review it earlier. This really is a good app and nowadays the simple apps are the ones we enjoy the most. For example, […] Continue reading →

App Review- Spirit

spirit-hd-screenshot-1 Price: $0.99 Platform: Android, Apple Hi All. Sorry i have not been posting for sometime. Have been very busy with school. Anyway, today i am reviewing a very new and not so well known app but what may seem like an old classic with a twist. The name is very deceiving but it has not […] Continue reading →

App Review-Ferrari GT Evolution

mzl.hdfaotyh Platform: iPod, iPad, iPhone Price: 0.69p Hi All. Here is another great review with a brilliant app coming your way. This i time the app is a racing game which are very popular on the app store but are very difficult to find. I will say, that this app is one of the more decent […] Continue reading →