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Convert your Android to an ultimate Gaming Device!

gameklip The modern day smartphone have become really powerful. With quad core and now octa core processors making their way into the Android smartphones, the power of these devices is enormous. With time, the game developers too have started taking the smartphone market seriously and hence have come up with visually impeccable games. The good thing […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Multiplayer Games for PC

Top10 Thousands of titles come to mind when we talk about Multiplayer games. Over the past few decades the gaming industry has seen such a boost that there are endless titles in the market currently. Many of them offer multiplayer, many don’t, however,multilpayer games are the reason why gaming is now considered a solid profession. E-Sports […] Continue reading →

Diablo III: Game in the Spotlight

DiabloPostCover With Diablo III set for a release after 2 days, fans are certainly very excited. This will be Blizzard’s next big title that was announced quite a long time back (in 2008) and has been in the gaming news since then. Diablo is a very popular series that began its journey in 1996. Set in the […] Continue reading →

Mobile Gaming Facts and Figures!

big-business.jpg In the last few days, we have done  lot of posts on mobile games, especially game reviews for the three most interesting mobile OS platforms i.e. iOS, Android and the recently developed or rather the one which has been recently on the rise i.e. Windows Phone 7.  A few days ago, a certain gentleman was […] Continue reading →

HTC One X: Review

htc one x   Welcome to TeCHeck. Today we bring you probably the biggest review of the season, review of HTC One X; the ‘one’ which everyone has been waiting for, ever since the announcement of the device. Let us waste no time and begin with the specs. HTC One X has a 4.7 inch super LCD 2 […] Continue reading →

Nintendo : All you need to know!

Nintendo-Logo-nintendo Nintendo has been one of the best and the oldest company when it comes to portable game and otherwise as well!  Even though most of us know about the gaming franchise but most of you are surely unaware of how Nintendo came into existence. To begin with, lets tell you the year Nintendo Co. Ltd. […] Continue reading →

ipad 3: specs and details

ipad 3 unvieled Welcome to TeCHeck. As rumored Apple announced the next version of the revolutionary ipad a few minutes ago and we take a look at what’s new and amazing in the 3rd generation ipad. Firstly the new ipad will be running on Apple’s A5X processor which is a quad core processor and Apple claims it to […] Continue reading →