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Sony Xperia Go Announced: Specifications

xperia-go-gallery-05-940x5291 Sony has been releasing a number of Android Smart phones. After the recent release of Xperia Sola, Xperia U and Xperia P, they have announced yet another one in the Xperia series- Xperia Go. Needless to say, just like the rest, they have failed to impress me yet again. I say me for there is […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #6: It’s so many words…!!

 For once I guess I actually agree with what I’ve titled my note. Because what I’m talking about is ‘talking’,is ‘words’. I’m talking about the need to talk. Sounds very basic,no ? I’m fairly talkative. As a result, on some of my less-talkative days, I’m considered either ill, sad or pissed. On one hand, but just […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #3: Sucky S*it by Srishti Dixit

guest post The quick transition nowadays from being single to being in a relationship is the new in-thing among teenagers. Every teen on planet Earth is out on a search to find their ‘soul-mate’. The ‘soul-mate’ might be a total nut-case but who cares! Its ‘love’ after all and that is all what really matters isn’t it? Traditionally, […] Continue reading →

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

 Game: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Genre:  Third Person Action Adventure (TPAA) Developer:  Ubisoft Release Date: Nov 30, 2003 ‘The Sands of time’  is certainly a masterpiece. This is probably the first PoP game that I played from start to the end and I can definitely say that it grows on you and […] Continue reading →

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2 The first part of this post was related to Rebecca Black’s song Friday and the other version of the same song which was nothing less than awesome. (Death Metal Friday) Here we are again to talk about perception and things that we think right before we hear something. All of us form a sort of […] Continue reading →

It’s Here- Metallica is Coming to India!

rock_sign2 Metallica will play in India around October 28-30, 2011. Now you can retract yours jaws to their original position, thank you. Who would have imagined that the biggest thrash metal band in the history of noise would decide a concert for India? Metallica’s low-ender Robert Trujillo revealed this to Inland Empire Weekly’s April edition (oh, […] Continue reading →


Pravah Okay so we at OP have spoken of the humor part of life, the serious part of life, about the gen x, discussed a bit of technology with verish coming up with some app reviews and Gaurav with Motorola Xoom’s review and Xoom against iPad, then Aniket came up with his sad but touching poems […] Continue reading →

The Beginning of The End

 You were walking on that lonely road, walking away from me but I was glad enough it didn’t mean from my life and  then arose that very dreadful thought in my mind “What if it were from my life.!”   That very thought was good enough for me to feel insecure. To feel as if […] Continue reading →