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Age of Mythology Review

AoM Game: Age of MythologyGenre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)Platform: PC Release Date: November 1, 2002Developer: Ensemble Studios The critical acclaim and commercial success garnered by their blockbuster Historic RTS, Age of Kings, steeply increased the level of expectations fans had from Ensemble Studios. The announcement of Age of Mythology, therefore, led to some obvious speculations: Would this […] Continue reading →

I don’t want a tomorrow without you

couples-together-two Today is my reality and this reality is with you, Every moment of life seems very new. I wish I stay with you through every today, And if understanding you is a mistake , for it i’m ready to pay. I don’t regret anymore the bad times of the past, As long as together we […] Continue reading →

A world to cure which He decided to give

The road without a start,the start without an end, This is my globes new trend.   Where the mask of love kills love, Where a heart beats for an unknown dove. Where actions never embrace words, And where knowledge is the replica of nerds.   Where identity never meets its name, Where black and white […] Continue reading →


ac dc back in black One of the most popular album, of the band ACDC. It sold near about 50 million copies and god knows still growing as I am writing this post at this moment. The album was released in the year after Bon Scott death. The death of Bon Scott was a big setback to the band as […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #4: Mom- By Naman Bansal

guest post This poem is straight from my heart and dedicated to all the mothers in this world! I strongly believe in an old/gold saying that the day god made women everything become footloose, but the moment i think of “any” mother as a women, this saying eradicates pretty soon!! Really, this’s another enigma that i “choose” […] Continue reading →