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The Last Good Bye

190247142_640 The Last Good Bye I still remember the first time I saw you, I still remember the first time I noticed you, And it amazes me how ever since, The time has flew. I still remember the expression, The expression that drew me towards you. The eyes that spoke a thousand words, The lips that […] Continue reading →

HTC One V review

HTC One V Today we bring you the review of a mid-range Android device, HTC One V which was launched a couple of weeks ago. HTC One V is the lowest member of the HTC One series and falls perfectly in the middle range of Android devices. Let’s check out how it is.   HTC One V has […] Continue reading →

Sony Xperia S launched in India

xperia-s-review Starting from today, Sony Xperia S is available at Sony Centres in all major cities across India.  You can also get the device from online retailers like flipkart, the mobile store and via some retailers on eBay India.  After buying out Ericsson’s share in Sony Ericsson, Sony has said that smartphone market is one of […] Continue reading →

Sony Xperia S review

Sony-Xperia-S-1-600x410 Welcome to TeCHeck. Today we bring you the review of Sony’s first and latest flagship device, Sony Xperia S. After buying out Ericsson’s share, Sony decided to give a makeover to it Xperia series. They now call it Xperia NXT series and we take a look at the best of Sony’s 2012 line-up. As always, […] Continue reading →

Iphone 4S : The Good and The Bad

Iphone 4S Hola! Welcome to TeCHeck.. Apple came up with another iphone and this time they named it iphone 4S. Like we always say, nothing is perfect and alas the iphone 4s is far away from perfect. It has its good and bad part and today we will take a look into what’s good and what’s bad […] Continue reading →

It isn’t the same anymore………

guest-post “It isn’t the same anymore don’t you see its all your fault!” he saidI looked at him, my eyes oozing with tears and shattered hopes.He told me I was a waste, a parasite who sucked on his time.“You do me no good anymore. Just shut the fuck up and get out of my life!” As he […] Continue reading →

One on One with the DJ

Good morning folks.. It’s a very special day today. I am here siting with the rhythm guitarist of the band pravah that you have heard so much about and given your love and support to. Here is get candid with achint as he answers some twisted questions So achint, what is your role in the […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Beyond the horizon By Samridhi

Guest-Post- So many times i have heard people say: there is a vast world beyond the horizon.It does no good to stand where you are and restrict yourself.Go out, go ahead and you will realise the multiplicity of places you can reach.Change is the only constant thing in life.To evolve, to move ahead is the essence […] Continue reading →