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Google Translate Can Now Bridge the Language Barrier

Google-Translate Google Translate mobile application (Android & iOS) just got a whole lot better! With the update that was rolled out a few hours ago it appears Google Translate is finally ready to break the language barrier. Few of the major takeaways from the update are: Real Time Conversation Translation The Google Translate app can now […] Continue reading →

Top 5 features of Nexus 5

Untitled It has been three month since Google’s highly anticipated flagship Nexus 5 hit the Indian markets.  Although the device comes with its share of shortcomings, over the months we have grown to love the device in every possible way. Initially marketed as a phone for developers, the Nexus line of devices has seen towering growth […] Continue reading →

The Cost of Server Downtime [Infographic]

 There used to be a time when people didn’t really rely on the internet for anything. Hard to believe for us today but yes, there definitely was a time! During those days, when Facebook wasn’t the driving force for people latching on to the internet or people actually reading books to find solutions rather than […] Continue reading →

Google launches two new services for the fools!

google nose beta So apparently it appears Google’s failed attempt of trolling people or rather fooling people using YouTube shutdown prank had them thinking and hence they came up with a couple of other new services. Here are two new services that Google has launched on April 1st 2013 and we would love to believe that they aren’t part of […] Continue reading →

Google’s ‘failed’ YouTube April Fools Prank!

youtube prank april fools Google has been known for doing amazingly believable pranks on April Fools day over the years. It’s not just April Fools though. Google loves to do mischief with almost everything that it does – from treasure hunt on Google Maps to Easter Eggs in Google I/O homepage, google loves to keep all of its developers […] Continue reading →

Wiki about Wikipedia [Infographic]

wikipedia-logo Wikipedia is by far one of the most trusted source for extracting information on virtually anything. If one comes to think of it, every time you search for a specific topic on google, the first link that you click on 90% of the time is a Wikipedia page. The fact that it has so much […] Continue reading →

Google Reader is dead. Now What?

google reader is dead For those of you unaware Google Reader has officially been axed by Google. This will take effect from 1st July 2013 and hence all of you who have been subscribed to a number of RSS feeds, have organized your feeds in a way so as to provide you your daily dose of all the news […] Continue reading →