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The History of Rage comics!

all-the-rage-faces-poster A couple of months back we gave you a post that gave you the codes so as to make you able to make use of the codes to make Rage faces in facebook chat. Now, even though not a lot of people know this for most us believe that rage faces went viral on facebook […] Continue reading →

Movie Review:The Descendants

The-Descendants-Wallpaper-01 George Clooney is certainly one of the finest actors of the contemporary age.After having glorified his career with movies like Up in the Air, The Three kings, he added another prized performance in his pocket by the playing the role of disturbed human being,looking to sort out his affairs in “The Descendants”. Mathew King(George Clooney) […] Continue reading →

Infographic: 10 types of facebook friends!

the-types-of-facebook-friends-main Hey everyone here is yet another infographic that might interest you mainly because it talks about facebook, (yes, we agree we have covered a number of infographics related to facebook recently but the fact is all of them were totally worth it.) Ever since facebook came into existence or rather ever since facebook went viral […] Continue reading →

Book Review: When a lawyer falls in love

195725_256727117676492_3470905_n “When a lawyer falls in Love” is novel written by Amrita Suresh which tells the tale of six friends and their journey through the final years of college. The college life is however the backdrop of the book whilst the main story is a narration of two love stories within that group of six friends. […] Continue reading →

Are you in a relationship?

Breakup It’s been a while since I wrote about relationships, about love, about life in general so here I am to talk about something where everyone in their lifetime fuck up at least once if not more! I am talking about the relationship that a guy and a girl share, the relationship which thrives and survives […] Continue reading →

Movie Review : Forest Gump

forest gump Director: Robert Zemeckis Writers: Winston Groom (novel), Eric Roth (screenplay) Stars: Tom Hanks, Robin Wright and Gary Sinise   [xrr rating=4.5/5]  “The world will never be the same once you’ve seen it through the eyes of Forrest Gump.”  How true. The movie is basically one simple man’s journey through life, and what a journey. Forrest Gump is possibly one the greatest movies of all-time. […] Continue reading →

The Great Indian wedding

the great indian wedding With more than 1,150,535,540 people in our very own country, India, at the time this post is being written and more than 730 religions there are more a thousand ways weddings take place in this country but in every religion and for everyone who is a part of it, it is a grand event. Some […] Continue reading →