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Infographic — Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Google Nexus 7

TabWarsIG Google has finally stepped into the Tab market with its cost-effective-high-specs Nexus 7. The device was revealed a few days back with the latest and greatest OS for any tablet yet — Android “Jellybean” 4.1. The tablet is cheap and yet a high end device in terms of specifications and hardware. With a price of […] Continue reading →

Nokia planning a 10 inch Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia-Tablet If you thought the Finnish giants are down and out, you are quite likely to be wrong. Nokia might be down at the moment but definitely still in the technology game. Once World’s no. 1 handset maker, Nokia will now try its luck in the tablet market. Yes, the rumors are true and we will […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Virtual servers and cloud computing

cloud-computing-technology Virtual servers and cloud computing A virtual server is a configuration of some server that runs on a computer which is shared by other servers of its kind, while those who are using it see it as an independent server. Each of these virtual servers can be configured as a website independent of the others, with a […] Continue reading →

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Consumer Preview

windows 8 Pre-Download Disclaimer: Windows 8 Consumer Preview is prerelease software that may be substantially modified before it’s commercially released. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here. Some product features and functionality may require additional hardware or software. If you decide to go back to your previous operating system, you’ll need to reinstall it […] Continue reading →

Fujitsu Lifebook 2013: The Mother of all Gadgets!

life_book-1-350x210 This most probably is the first time ever we are sharing with you information about a gadget which is not even in development stage let alone ready. Today, we are talking about this very unique concept that we came across a couple of hours ago. We are talking about what is proposed as ‘Fujitsu Lifebook […] Continue reading →

Sony Ericsson Xperia Nozomi poses for the camera

Xperia Nozomi live Today we have some inside news with us, and that inside news is about Sony Ericsson’s upcoming flagship. Sony Ericsson is yet to show up with a dual core phone, and even though their flagship devices Xperia Arc and Arc S are one of the sexiest looking phones in the market, they lack behind many […] Continue reading →

Android vs iOS

ios_vs_android_sf So we are in a mode where providing you with various inforgraphics is the best as per us and hence here is yet another infographic. As promised in our previous post as far as infographics is concerned, we told you we will bring you one with the comparison between iOS and Android. Most of you […] Continue reading →