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The 5 stages of Human Life : Life summed up!

stages of life So we are back talking about life and the fact is it has been quite a while since we have done that. Today, here we are to talk about the 5 stages of life. Now we do believe that most of you do understand and know what the five stages of your human existence are, […] Continue reading →

Do you own a DSLR? -By Useful Idiot

full_system_lenses Today, tech is changing with a blink of an eye and we are struggling to keep ourselves updated at every point. Talk about iPhone or electronic garbage, it has gone on to become a necessity that everybody wants to possess or rather possesses in order to get accepted among the sect. I remember, like yesterday, […] Continue reading →

Sony LT29i Hayabusa, Xperia GX leaked specs

Sony-LT29i-Hayabusa-protoype1 The ever so confusing market of smartphones will be getting more confusing for you if you’re looking forward to buy a new high end smartphone this summer. With HTC’s flagship device HTC One X already out in the markets and Samsung’s Galaxy S3 hitting the international market at May 3, 2012 making a choice was […] Continue reading →

Fatify : App Review

fatify-1 Platform: iOS Cost: Freemium Fatify (by Apptly) is an entertainment app that lets you “gain” up to 500 pounds with a few simple taps and lose it again just as fast — with a few more taps. You can “fatify” yourself, your friends, your family and then share these interactive images via text, YouTube, Facebook, […] Continue reading →

Funniest Deaths – Infographic

ha-ha-you-died-logo Funniest Deaths Today we are going to talk about something we shouldn’t talk about. 😉 Today, we will provide you with an infographic which contains information of the ‘funniest’ deaths that have ever happened. There is nothing that we have to say about this, other than just sharing the infographic that presents the funniest deaths […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle: Happy New Year

Happy New Year It’s New Year’s Eve out here in India and as soon as the clock ticked to 00:00 31.12.11, the refreshed page reflected yet another doodle.  This one, as everyone expects, wishes all the users “Happy New Year”. Now even though the doodle has been released, we find it highly disappointing. If you are wondering […] Continue reading →

Once upon: Technological Marvel

once upon Okay so today we are talking about something different altogether. We are here to share with you a website which does something really different.  So here is what this site does: Click on the image to zoom in and the things will get clearer. Did you find the three big giants, the three most visited […] Continue reading →