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India’s World Cup Anniversary!

131005 It was on exactly this day one year ago that MS Dhoni swung his bat in his infamous helicopter fashion for a six over long.It was on exactly this day one year ago that history was made.It was on exactly this day one year ago that Indian cricket was redefined! Even though it’s been quite […] Continue reading →

If for nothing,play for pride!

index Some of you,after reading the title, might call me a hypocrite and some might even suggest that I am just a too ardent fan of the Indian cricket team to accept that India has been defeated.I can assure you,that’s not the case.India were beaten,or rather squashed,by England fair and square.And honestly speaking,India does need to […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #2- The Drama of corruption

 The whole country is looking seriously or amusingly at what is happening inside and outside the corridors of power. Although I don’t have any political ideology but I firmly believe in the system which has been given to us by few intelligent and honest people. It is the people who have distorted that honest system […] Continue reading →