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Why Startups Fail: And How to Make it Successful

why-startups-fail It is a known fact that the startup success rate is not even 50%. If one looks at the reasons for the failures, every founder of every failed startup will give you a different reason. If you dig a little deep, all these failure stories can be categorized in a certain section and few the […] Continue reading →

What Really Happens After Starting a Startup

startups It is a known fact that the failure rated when it comes to startups is close to 90%. It is quite possible that the startup which was creating all the buzz this past week was all over the news, eventually hang up it boots without being able to show anything in green! Many people around […] Continue reading →

The Cost of Server Downtime [Infographic]

 There used to be a time when people didn’t really rely on the internet for anything. Hard to believe for us today but yes, there definitely was a time! During those days, when Facebook wasn’t the driving force for people latching on to the internet or people actually reading books to find solutions rather than […] Continue reading →

What type of iPhone user are you?

7 type of iphone users I still remember the first time Steve Jobs spoke about the concept of iPhone at MacWorld in the year 2007. Till this day, I believe the way Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, unveiled it to the world is the key for it’s success. For those of you who missed the presentation, here is the video […] Continue reading →

13 emerging bands from around the globe [Infographic]

emerging bands from around the globe The music industry has a history where have gone from nothing to superstars in a matter of days. This trend has become more prevalent ever since the likes of youtube and social media came into existence. While it is responsible for the singers like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black being famous (we believe for all […] Continue reading →

The evolution of Web Design [Infographic]

web design It is pretty intriguing how everything on the internet functions. The first web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee and was named WorldWideWeb itself and was later renamed to Nexus but I am pretty sure most of your remember Netscape Navigator to be the first browser but that actually is the first popular internet browser. […] Continue reading →