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The true cost of iPhone 5!

iphone5_2338246b Last month came Apple’s next big innovation and the fact is it had nothing new to offer other than being ‘bigger’ than the previous version of the iPhone. Sure Apple Fan boys you can go ahead and hate us for stating the truth but the fact will continue to remain a fact and iPhone 5 […] Continue reading →

How to deal with information overload?

Social-Media-Twitter-YouTube-Flickr-Facebook-520x245 How to deal with information overload? We have said this time and again in a number of posts in the past as well and yet we have to say it again – Internet is the biggest and the best technologically possible discovery ever done by mankind. Even though it has had it’s negatives as well […] Continue reading →

The Google Yourself Challenge!

google_yourself__do_it__by_milkmoustache-d3fgw1j We all at some point of time have Googled ourselves i.e. typed our name in the search query of Google. If you say you haven’t, you would be lying and there are no exceptions to it either. Now most of us do this mainly out of curiosity and finding something about ourselves certainly makes us […] Continue reading →

Case Study. The diligence of Anthropology!

anthropology woordenboek My last article elucidated about how and what exactly anthropology is, also about different fields under anthropology. Now let me give you some information about how does an anthropologist work. There are different methods which are undertaken by the anthropologist to do their fieldwork. They are: Observational method, Questionnaire method, Participant observation, Interview, and Case […] Continue reading →

Social Discovery Facts and Figures

socialicons_4 Ever since social networking came into existence and shot up to great heights with the formation of facebook and twitter, social discovery too has risen to a great extent. By Social Discovery we mean nothing but what people share on their social networks as well as the other social discovery sites such as stumbleupon, pinterest, […] Continue reading →

The Internet and the human brain!

diagram_brain_cortex Okay, so yesterday we gave you an infographic that spoke about the future of the internet, a few statistics of how the internet might seem in the year 2020 i.e. 8 years down the line.  Today, here we are with yet another infographic that gives us some shocking statistics and also enlightens us on how […] Continue reading →

What is Augmented Reality?

1 Ever since we laid our hands on one of the very few and very rare (as of now) Augmented Reality applications that are available for mobile devices, we have fallen in love with the concept. We spoke about Augmented Reality Showcase, an application from String which is so cool that you are bound to be […] Continue reading →