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The evolution of Web Design [Infographic]

web design It is pretty intriguing how everything on the internet functions. The first web browser was created by Tim Berners-Lee and was named WorldWideWeb itself and was later renamed to Nexus but I am pretty sure most of your remember Netscape Navigator to be the first browser but that actually is the first popular internet browser. […] Continue reading →

How to deal with information overload?

Social-Media-Twitter-YouTube-Flickr-Facebook-520x245 How to deal with information overload? We have said this time and again in a number of posts in the past as well and yet we have to say it again – Internet is the biggest and the best technologically possible discovery ever done by mankind. Even though it has had it’s negatives as well […] Continue reading →

Users you should stay away from on the Internet

Avoid-Bad-Company-Online Internet has to be one of the biggest and the best invention by mankind. Internet lets every user create his or her own virtual world and get lost in it. The pleasure is so much so that people tend to get addicted to it and if the recent studies are to be believed an average […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Scams of 2011 (Infographic)

Is-Network-Marketing-A-Scam Online fraud and internet scams have existed for as long as the internet itself has been in existence. Every now and then you are bound to receive an email from one of those email accounts who are willing to provide you million of pounds or are accomplice of Larry Page or Mark Zuckerberg and are […] Continue reading →