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Google Translate can now bridge the language barrier!

Google-Translate Google Translate mobile application (Android & iOS) just got a whole lot better! With the update that was rolled out a few hours ago it appears Google Translate is finally ready to break the language barrier. Few of the major takeaways from the update are: Real Time Conversation Translation The Google Translate app can now […] Continue reading →

Retro is the best Instagram client for iPad!

Retro Instagram Viewer for iPad Everybody has been cribbing for a while about the fact that the default Instagram app isn’t optimized for the iPad. A number of alternatives were presented but none of them appeared to be good enough to make the experience smooth. Finally, here comes an application that takes away the pain of browsing Instagram on your […] Continue reading →

Sporos : App Review

sporos app review App Name : Sporos Platform : Android, iOS Cost : Free for Android, 0.99$ for iOS Review: To be really honest, it was about time someone thought of something that had nothing to do with making the character jump over hurdles or hit pigs using birds applying real physics knowledge. Games like Temple Run, Subway […] Continue reading →

Signature Secret Notes & Photos App Review

match the signature Name : Signature Secret Notes & Photos Platform: iOS 4.3 or later Cost : Free for 3 notes, 1.99$ for unlimited notes Review: Signature Secret Notes & Photos, as is evident from the name is an application that lets you hide notes and photos using a signature. The utility of this application is for those who […] Continue reading →

WeChat : The next Whatsapp Rival?

weChat app review With Whatsapp landing on every single mobile phone OS (except for Samsung’s Bada OS) it has gone wild with million and million of download and each and every smart phone OS. The ability of Whatsapp to provide cross platform instant messaging service for free (of course you need to be connect to the internet using […] Continue reading →

Temple Run 2 released for iOS

temple run 2 Temple Run is one of the most famous and the most downloaded game on the Apple App Store. The game is so popular that I have heard people selling iOS devices saying that it will be able to run Temple Run! (This was before Temple Run was released for Android devices which was quite a […] Continue reading →

Ubuntu Mobile OS revealed!

Ubuntu mobile OS The year 2012 came across as one of the most stagnated year in terms of mobile technology. Even though with the release of Google Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 10, Google entered the tablet market, Android 4.1 and 4.2 were released as Jelly Bean, project butter creating a good amount of excitement  but other than […] Continue reading →

App Review : Virtua Tennis Challenge

virtua tennis challenge Name : Virtua Tennis Challenge Platform : Android, iOS Cost : 4.99$ Review:  Virtua Tennis Challenge is by far the best Lawn Tennis game that you might ever encounter for your Android or iOS device. Stick Tennis too is pretty good but then it certainly isn’t as challenging as Virtua Tennis Challenge. The game which […] Continue reading →