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Nexus 7 vs New ipad

Nexus-7-22 Hello everyone. Today we bring you the biggest comparisons of this year, comparison that answers some questions which are probably on every mind. Is Nexus 7 better than the new ipad? Should you buy Nexus 7 or the new ipad? So without wasting any more time, let’s check them out. 1. Form factor and design […] Continue reading →

ipad 3: Worth the upgrade?

ipad_3   Apple’s ipad 3 will be hitting the USmarkets along with 9 other countries tomorrow. The new ipad will also be coming to other nations in a few weeks; we already brought you the specs and details of ipad 3 but the main question remains unanswered “is it worth upgrading?” Well, to answer that question we […] Continue reading →

ipad 3: specs and details

ipad 3 unvieled Welcome to TeCHeck. As rumored Apple announced the next version of the revolutionary ipad a few minutes ago and we take a look at what’s new and amazing in the 3rd generation ipad. Firstly the new ipad will be running on Apple’s A5X processor which is a quad core processor and Apple claims it to […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Galaxy Note 10.1 Welcome to TeCHeck. Back when we did a review on Samsung Galaxy Note, we were impressed by its S-Pen feature but decided against it because we couldn’t decide what it was, a phone, a tablet or a pain for your hands. Samsung however announced Galaxy Note 10.1 last week in Barcelona and today we will […] Continue reading →

ipad 3: Rumor Roundup

ipad 3 Welcome to TeCHeck. The month of February is a special month for technology loves. Not only there is the big Mobile World Congress where companies unleash some new handsets, we also find a lot of rumors about the upcoming ipad in this very month. So today we take a look at all the rumors about […] Continue reading →

Windows 8 tablets will be Ipad, Android killer

Windows 8 tablet Well, all those who are planning to buy a tablet and still can’t decide which way to go ios or android, we have some more confusion coming your way. Windows 8 powered tablets will be hitting the market next year and probably they’ll be better than all current tablets present in the market. Although we […] Continue reading →