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[UPDATED] Top 10 Songs – Hindi (April)

Top 10 With the Artist of the Week section under the Music Category making a positive impression on all our Music Fans here on Observer’s Paradise, From today onwards, We are launching two new sections under our Music category, which are Top 10 Songs (Hindi) and (English) respectively which will be updated monthly. The Initial list is […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Songs – Bullet for My Valentine Part II

Bullet for My Valentine Hey music lovers this time we bring you the top 10 best songs of a Welch heavy metal band which was formed in 1998; Bullet for My Valentine.   We already gave you the list of our top 10 songs for Bullet for My Valentine. Now that was Gaurav’s top 10 list but given that […] Continue reading →

How to spot fake facebook profiles – Infographic

facebook-fake-profile How many times has it happened to you that you added someone on facebook or you received a friend request from someone you knew and it ended up being a fake profile of the person? We are pretty sure that it would have happened at least once and if you believe it hasn’t then who […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Apple Versus Google

google Hi all. Today i am doing another infographic and this one showing quite a lot of detail in a very colourful so one does not get bored. This time it is about, arguably,  the two biggest technology companies out there. The first apple which we know to be an amzing company which, as we all […] Continue reading →

App Review- NFL Flick QB

 <p><p>Platform: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Price: 69p Hi all. This time i am reviewing a new game which is in the top grossing list on the app store and it has every reason to be there. This amazing game might mislead you at the strat as most people usually think that American Football games are […] Continue reading →

App Review: Angry Gran

mzl.vnzdlmsu.1024x1024-65 Platform: iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android Price: Free Hi All. Here is my app review for the end of the month. Wow it has gone fast and hopefully gone well. Everyone should have had a great first month of 2012 and this will be a good omen for the rest of they year. OK. I think […] Continue reading →