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ipad 3: specs and details

ipad 3 unvieled Welcome to TeCHeck. As rumored Apple announced the next version of the revolutionary ipad a few minutes ago and we take a look at what’s new and amazing in the 3rd generation ipad. Firstly the new ipad will be running on Apple’s A5X processor which is a quad core processor and Apple claims it to […] Continue reading →

The Way you stare!

 The title of the topic might not justify the content of it but still I believe that this one will at least make you laugh! I can not authenticate this for people of any other country but when it comes to Indians, I am pretty sure this is done. Indians posses this special something, I […] Continue reading →

Time to breach the final frontier!

newsid_3313-Clarke-Dhoni Fasten your seat belts everyone because this is going to be a bumpy ride!! From what I hear from the news, this is India’s finest chance to win down under and as of now, I am finding it considerably hard to argue with that. Without a doubt, India has the best batting line up in […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Google searches in 2011

27475302 2011 is about to end and before we bid adieu to another wonderful year, let’s take a look at what were the most searched terms around the world this year on the most widely used search engine ‘Google’. Today we’ll take a look at the top 10 searches on Google for the year 2011. We […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Note Reviewed! (Hands On)

Samsung-Galaxy-Note- When you first look at the Samsung Galaxy Note, you are left in the dilemma that happens to be the tag line of the device as well- Is it a Phone or is it a Tablet? It is neither the smartphone, as we know it. Nor it is the tablet, as we know it. This […] Continue reading →

Infographic: The Evolution of the Microprocessor

The-Evolution-of-the-Microprocessor-Logo[1]       We gave you infographics of Google, we gave you infographics of iPhone users, we even gave you the comparison between iOS and Android. So the next thing on our list of ‘infographics’ is “The Evolution of the Microprocessor”.  Most of you might think this one to be ‘boring’ but well, once you […] Continue reading →