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Infographic: Microsoft Numbers

microsoft-logo Hi all. Today i have an infographic with lots of information. Any kind of figure you can get for microsoft, it will be here. Tons of information and a very interesting read. Find out some information and wow some of your friends. Hope you take a look.  Continue reading →

ipad 3: specs and details

ipad 3 unvieled Welcome to TeCHeck. As rumored Apple announced the next version of the revolutionary ipad a few minutes ago and we take a look at what’s new and amazing in the 3rd generation ipad. Firstly the new ipad will be running on Apple’s A5X processor which is a quad core processor and Apple claims it to […] Continue reading →

Top 10 songs: Eminem

Eminem I guess it’s time we take some music out of the box. Today we’ll be taking a look at the 10 best songs by rapping sensation Eminem. #1 Lose Yourself [youtube][/youtube] #2 Love The Way You Lie [youtube][/youtube] #3 Not Afraid [youtube][/youtube] #4 Beautiful [youtube][/youtube] #5 Stan  [youtube][/youtube] #6 Mockingbird [youtube][/youtube] #7 When I’m Gone […] Continue reading →

iPhone Era – Infographic

Steve_Jobs_presents_iPhone-700x468 Hi all. Once again i am posting another interesting and funny infographic which i found on the interent. This one gives a lot of information about the iPhone but is still very funny and interesting.  It is about the era of the iPhone and the timeline of it. So like what happened every year and […] Continue reading →

Infographic: In 60 Seconds…..V2

60scs_v2 Hi All. Here is the second of my infographics that i am sharing with you.  If you saw my last infographic, it was all about the extraordinary things people have done in 60 seconds. This exactly the same but the things are a bit more diverse in topic and are hilarious, informative and of course […] Continue reading →

The Way you stare!

 The title of the topic might not justify the content of it but still I believe that this one will at least make you laugh! I can not authenticate this for people of any other country but when it comes to Indians, I am pretty sure this is done. Indians posses this special something, I […] Continue reading →