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Movie Review:The Avengers!

av The most awaited film of the summer hit the screens this friday and though my excitation had reached fever pitch,I was a little apprehensive.Big movies with electrifying star cast have turned out to be complete duds before. Much to my immense delight,that was not the case with The Avengers! Joss Whedon has done an terrific […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Songs-The Script

the script The Script- Top 10 best songs of all time. The Script is an Irish soft rock band formed in 2008. Here is our list of top 10 songs from  the band- 1. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved[youtube][/youtube] 2. For the First Time[youtube][/youtube] 3. Breakeven [youtube][/youtube] 4. Nothing[youtube][/youtube] 5. If You Ever Come Back[youtube][/youtube] 6. […] Continue reading →

Man is a social animal!

This is one story I have heard my dad tell me over and over again during the past eighteen years of my existence and even though the words are exactly the same it always makes me feel exactly the same every single time. I do believe that quite a few of you would have also […] Continue reading →