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The Definition Of A True Football Fan

football fans Very often it is not the debate of which team has the best fans, or the biggest fan base or even the most loyal fans, but simply who is the best football fan? Been a football fanatic for over fifteen long years now, I have seen myself engaged in million such battles. But the theme […] Continue reading →

Manchester Going Strong!

Hello Everyone.  Sorry i haven’t written in a while, got caught up with lots of work from school and etc.  Anyway, as we all know the new Premier League is well underway now with many underdogs doing well. I can already see the excitement on the weekends and the tension during the matches. I think […] Continue reading →


Champions OK, this is going to be an emotionally charged post. And it’s gonna lack all the objectivity cause it’s filled up with passion. So, I honestly suggest, anyone looking for a sensible football post which I know I am entirely capable of but would not write right now, I suggest look up and click the […] Continue reading →

New England revolution vs Manchester united

 Ok, so Being a man united supporter for more than the past decade now, and I have been given the responsibility of covering united in every game and every way possible. So, the red devils had their first outing of the new season against the new England revolution who fond themselves at the bottom of […] Continue reading →

Players to watch out in Copa America 2011

copa-america-2011 Copa America is the most prestigious South American football tournament. One can say it is the equivilant of the European Championships. They usually in the past have been the launching pad for a lot of young talents in south america and this years tournament promises to be no different. The viewers in India can watch […] Continue reading →