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THE MYSTIC NATURE by Angarika Datta

DarkForest THE MYSTIC NATURE The night is still, with a light breeze, No sound of the wee cricket or the majestic owl, All the beasts of the night are in their dens tonight. I, a lonely figure walking by! I looked up at the inky black sky and felt the moon peering down with sadness, With […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Winter Knock by Anonymous

post When chill winter wind touches the visage, And when the snow spreads its milk white blanket A time when moon embosses earth with its pearl white light And when the snow sparkles into diamond and blaze.   A time when oak and pine shiver with chill, When sun and fog play their hide and seek […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Night by Anonymous

night NIGHT…………. A coal dark night When there are dusky shades of night. Spreading its arms for the long awaited love Air filled with the smell of night Stars clung in the deep blue blanket Stars staring each other like a warrior Feeling each one’s mortal pain ,joy and  sorrow The moon kept smiling, On the […] Continue reading →

The Longest Walk

 It was sunny yet as dark as it could be, The sun could not look more like moon, And the tiny stars in the air were you. After a painful wait, would you come finally? Would all of this be worth it? Would I finally see you in reality? They were the longest minutes, The […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: And yet… By Samridhi Singh

guest post Even the stars wonder whether to twinkle or not, The moon plays hide and seek with the clouds. That sole bird lost in the night tries unsuccessfully to hide. There is nothing to lessen the blackness of this night, nothing to bring any shard of light. But the sky seems to resonate- with things unsaid, […] Continue reading →

I’ll neva want you to be next to me..

I’ll neva want you to be next to me.. Don’t give me a life of success and fame, Give me the one, where I have an aim . Don’t give me a hand which will never leave me to whine, Instead give me a hand that will always hold mine. Don’t tell the clouds to […] Continue reading →

Rain- A sweet little heartfelt poem!

 The aroma of the sand, The wetness of the wind, Dark cover of the clouds, Sound of the droplets ever so loud. Each droplet in phase with the other, Sounding like music to the listener. The clouds protecting the sun and the moon, Irrespective of night or noon. The clouds making the noise, As if […] Continue reading →

A walk to remember

Romantic walk It was ten minutes to midnight, Everything was so still, so quiet. Walking hand in hand , Towards a destination unknown, Everything special about the moment, Especially of not being alone. We kept talking of the things of the east and the west, And then the gaze which made me forget the rest. Continue reading →