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Movie Review: Law Abiding citizen!

l Easily, this is Gerard Butler’s best movie till date! The one thing which I can guarantee is that you will like this movie not because of it’s plot, story( both are a little flimsy!) but Gerard Butler’s performance is what we call as the “Show Stopper” act! The movie begins with the murder of Butler’s( […] Continue reading →

Book Preview: Trade winds to Meluhha

Cover 2B_3 Title:  Trade winds to Meluhha Category: Literature – Books   Vasant Davé’s ‘Trade winds to Meluhha’ involves thrill, love and strife during the Bronze Age. It is set in Mesopotamia and the land it knew as ‘Meluhha’ which was Harappan or Indus Valley Civilization.   The hero Samasin worked for Nergal, a wealthy Babylonian. He […] Continue reading →


why+worry Why? It’s a good question. Like why am I alive? Why do people hurt people? Why is there hate? Why do bad things happen to good people? If there is an all-lover God, why would he let people die of starvation? Why would he allow earthquakes to bury people alive? Why would there be murder, rape, […] Continue reading →

It’s the Media : F*-ing with your head.

0511-0901-1901-2137_Female_Reporter_Doing_a_Live_Feed_clipart_image Before we begin, I must warn you. If you’re an Indian and you think Hindi news channels are good and criticized for no reason. Don’t bother reading this, you might feel offended. So, some days ago I woke up early morning and turned on the TV. There was nothing interesting on NatGeo and sports channel […] Continue reading →