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NVIDIA announces Tegra 4 at CES 2013!

NVIDIA Tegra 4 So it’s that time of the year again or rather it’s the beginning of the year and it’s time for CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2013 which will be open to the general public from tomorrow but has already got a head start with NVIDIA, the chip maker has already come out with the ‘fastest processor’ […] Continue reading →

New Star Soccer : App Review

new star soccer Name: New Star Soccer Platform : Android Cost: 2.99$ Rating: 4/5 Review: New Star Soccer has to be one of the best sports game at least the best soccer game that we have ever come across on a mobile platform! Yes, FIFA and PES both exist now and yet we have our reasons for calling New […] Continue reading →

Oh Siri Y U No Understand Me?

Siri Siri has to be one of the most best innovations that Apple came up with given that their new range of devices (The New iPad and iPhone 4S) didn’t arouse any sort of interest for us, apart from Siri of course in iPhone 4S. Apple fan boys and girls would say otherwise though but still […] Continue reading →

The New iPad Finally Available in India!

APTOPIX Apple iPad For those of you who are the true iFans and were waiting for iPad 3 or what the company has named The New iPad, the wait is finally over. The New iPad is finally available in India from today i.e. 27th April,2012 Customers can buy The New iPad Wi-Fi models in black or white and […] Continue reading →

ipad 3: Rumor Roundup

ipad 3 Welcome to TeCHeck. The month of February is a special month for technology loves. Not only there is the big Mobile World Congress where companies unleash some new handsets, we also find a lot of rumors about the upcoming ipad in this very month. So today we take a look at all the rumors about […] Continue reading →

Happy New Year!

happy-new-year-2012-7 It’s that time of the year again, It’s that day when I have picked up my pen yet again. Yes it’s New Year people, It’s time to do something useful. It’s time to take New Year resolutions, It’s time to work on how to break them. It’s time to enjoy New Year eve, It’s time […] Continue reading →

Google Doodle: Happy New Year

Happy New Year It’s New Year’s Eve out here in India and as soon as the clock ticked to 00:00 31.12.11, the refreshed page reflected yet another doodle.  This one, as everyone expects, wishes all the users “Happy New Year”. Now even though the doodle has been released, we find it highly disappointing. If you are wondering […] Continue reading →

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Review

Galaxy Nexus Hola! Well, it’s been long since we reviewed something at teCHeck but we are back with the most anticipated device of 2011 – Galaxy Nexus. iphone 4S came out with a bang but failed to impress the critics and some fans which were expecting something new from Apple, while on the other hand Google has […] Continue reading →