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NVIDIA announces Tegra 4 at CES 2013!

NVIDIA Tegra 4 So it’s that time of the year again or rather it’s the beginning of the year and it’s time for CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2013 which will be open to the general public from tomorrow but has already got a head start with NVIDIA, the chip maker has already come out with the ‘fastest processor’ […] Continue reading →

Nexus 7 vs New ipad

Nexus-7-22 Hello everyone. Today we bring you the biggest comparisons of this year, comparison that answers some questions which are probably on every mind. Is Nexus 7 better than the new ipad? Should you buy Nexus 7 or the new ipad? So without wasting any more time, let’s check them out. 1. Form factor and design […] Continue reading →

HTC One X: Pricing and release date

HTC One X   HTC One X: Ever since the announcement of HTC’s one series at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, all eyes are set on when HTC will be launching these phones. HTC earlier told that the phones will be released globally, while One X and One S will be releasing within 60 days and One V will […] Continue reading →

HTC One X : The best smartphone in the market?

HTC One X HTC announced HTC One X yesterday along with HTC One S and One V. Although all three phones are superb in their respective price department, the main highlight of MWC 2012 is HTC One X and we will be talking about it in today’s post. Starting with the specs, HTC One X comes with a […] Continue reading →

Windows 8 tablets will be Ipad, Android killer

Windows 8 tablet Well, all those who are planning to buy a tablet and still can’t decide which way to go ios or android, we have some more confusion coming your way. Windows 8 powered tablets will be hitting the market next year and probably they’ll be better than all current tablets present in the market. Although we […] Continue reading →

Razer Blade Gaming Laptop : Complete Review

 The World’s first true Gaming Laptop is here. No No No, I’m not saying that, it’s the makers of Razer Blade who are saying this. What am I saying? Cut the Talk, Lets Check it out!  Before we begin I must tell you that Razer Blade’s price is $2800. We will be keeping this in […] Continue reading →