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Oh Siri Y U No Understand Me?

Siri Siri has to be one of the most best innovations that Apple came up with given that their new range of devices (The New iPad and iPhone 4S) didn’t arouse any sort of interest for us, apart from Siri of course in iPhone 4S. Apple fan boys and girls would say otherwise though but still […] Continue reading →

Case Study. The diligence of Anthropology!

anthropology woordenboek My last article elucidated about how and what exactly anthropology is, also about different fields under anthropology. Now let me give you some information about how does an anthropologist work. There are different methods which are undertaken by the anthropologist to do their fieldwork. They are: Observational method, Questionnaire method, Participant observation, Interview, and Case […] Continue reading →

Getting A Haircut In Mumbai On A Lazy Sunday

young-girls-haircut1 Sunday, June 19, 2011  – 1020 hours “I’ll be back in an hour,” I left my home saying. I walked down two blocks from my colony towards a newly inaugurated salon which my friend had recommended. ‘Shri Guru Gobind Saloon – Non A/C’ Yes! That was the name on the billboard (with the typo). The […] Continue reading →


anthropology Anthropology? Like many of you’ll even when I heard ‘Anthropology’ for the first time when I was in my high school, I was taken aback in wondering what on earth that was? The lexeme Anthropology is derived from Greek, where anthrop means “man” and logy means “study”. Hence Anthropology is a study on human beings […] Continue reading →

Who are the most annoying facebook users? (Infographic)

Facebook-Marketing-Techniques Now that most people consider Facebook to be an integral part of their lives, Facebook can very well be stated as a person’s life in the virtual world. Now, given that it’s a life even though virtual, just like your normal real life, there are people you are bound to like and likewise, there are […] Continue reading →

Guest Post #6: It’s so many words…!!

 For once I guess I actually agree with what I’ve titled my note. Because what I’m talking about is ‘talking’,is ‘words’. I’m talking about the need to talk. Sounds very basic,no ? I’m fairly talkative. As a result, on some of my less-talkative days, I’m considered either ill, sad or pissed. On one hand, but just […] Continue reading →