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How to spot fake facebook profiles – Infographic

facebook-fake-profile How many times has it happened to you that you added someone on facebook or you received a friend request from someone you knew and it ended up being a fake profile of the person? We are pretty sure that it would have happened at least once and if you believe it hasn’t then who […] Continue reading →

Infographic: In 60 Seconds….

Infographic Hi all. This, as mentioned in the title, is an infographic. These wonderful things are so common these days and give us so much information which is easy to read and remember because of the pictures with it. Its just information but not as boring as some words with a picture. I have researched many […] Continue reading →

What part of Mr. Android are you?

314066-android-logo-275 So it’s new year and here we are with yet another infographic. Now even though this infographic provides a lot of detail as far as Android users are concerned, we find it mildly funny. The infographic that we are talking about deals with the kind of users that used Android last year. Now these statistics, […] Continue reading →

Hilarious Advertisements!

 Over the years, advertisement makers have gotten a lot more serious about what they do. There was a time when people used to change channels for the advertisements they saw were plain boring. Today, advertisement makers have understood the importance of being creative while presenting an advertisement.  So today we thought of compiling few of […] Continue reading →

F@CEB00K ! By Sameera Mehta

facebook addict Same rules as the last one. No comments if you hate. Sensitive psyche. 1 friend request. 0 mutual friends. hmmmm. Should i accept? Maybe not. I don’t know him. But wait! Maybe i should. Jane has 413 friends, I have 413 friends. This will put me one ahead of her. Friend accepted. Oooo notifications. Hair […] Continue reading →