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App Review : CoachNote

coachnote App Review : CoachNote Platform: iOS Cost: $1.99 Review: Are you someone who is into sports and loves to strategize the game you play? Well, this application is certainly a jackpot for you! CoachNote is all about creating strategies for a number of sports out there and the number of sports that have been listed […] Continue reading →

Android Market / Google Play : The Evolution!

Android-Market-Google-Play The Android Market has changed several folds in the past couple of years or rather ever since it’s release in October 2008. The change has been so much so that other than the User Interface going under a complete revamp, the name of the Android Market was changed to Google Play in March 2012. Ever […] Continue reading →

Homerun Battle 2 : App Review

homerun battle 2 Name: Homerun Battle 2 Platform: Android Rating : 4/5 Review: So after a pretty successful first version of the game, Homerun Battle is back with the second version and aptly is named Homerun Battle 2. Being someone from India where the game Baseball isn’t popular at all. The only team that people who do know […] Continue reading →

Android Developers : Figures!

android_awesome Now that the Android Market or what now is known as Google Play has applications in multiple hundred thousands (x00,000)  it is about time to talk about he developers who do develop the applications. Now, even though it’s a common misconception that developing an Android application is difficult, whereas some have this common misconception that […] Continue reading →

Rajasthan revive their campaign!

Rajasthan Royals batsman Shane Warne hit Four defeats in a row had brought them to a stage of utter desperation where they badly needed to win a match in order to keep their hopes alive of still making it to the play offs. For that they had to fall back on the man who had led them to victory in the […] Continue reading →

SwiftKey X – The best keyboard for your Android!

baskinrobbins_thumb2_thumb App Name: SwiftKey X Are you someone who is frustrated for your Android Keyboard can’t keep up with your typing speed i.e. frustrated with the lag while typing on your Android? Are you someone who believe that the stock Android Keyboard for our device is too small for your fingers? Well, SwiftKey X is most […] Continue reading →