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Facebook lets you schedule updates for your Fan Page!

become_a_facebook_fan Facebook has rolled out more than a few dozen of changes ever since Google+ came into existence and to state the fact outright, all Google+ achieved was providing innovative ideas for people at Facebook to implement and keep the 600million strong community on the top as far as Social Networking is concerned. Given the number […] Continue reading →

Google Acquires Meebo!

851-google-plans-100-million-acquisition-of-meebo It’s been crazy acquisition time over the past few months in the world of Technology. Talking of the big ones, Facebook acquired Instagram while Google’s acquisition deal of Motorola finally came to a successful close. Google has now acquired yet another company that goes by the name Meebo. Meebo initially started its life as instant messaging application […] Continue reading →

Asus Transformer AIO : The dual boot tab/ AIO PC

asus-transformer-aio-dual-operating-system-windows-8-android-computex-2012-0 Found the title of the post absurd? A dual boot tablet/ All in One PC? We found it absurd too but that’s what Asus has come up with. Earlier today we gave you a post regarding Asus’ plan of launching a dual boot tablet that would run both Android and Windows 8, well, they did […] Continue reading →

Sanity returns to Facebook’s Android Application!

facebook android Last week was a huge one for people at Facebook, for the owner at least. Mark Zuckerberg got Facebook’s IPO listed, got married bought another company and finally, brought back some sanity to the gone berserk Android application.  Facebook’s Android application had enraged a number of users worldwide and that list surely included us. The reason, […] Continue reading →

Who are the most annoying facebook users? (Infographic)

Facebook-Marketing-Techniques Now that most people consider Facebook to be an integral part of their lives, Facebook can very well be stated as a person’s life in the virtual world. Now, given that it’s a life even though virtual, just like your normal real life, there are people you are bound to like and likewise, there are […] Continue reading →

Earth Day : Share the Responsibility!

earth day 5r So it’s the 22nd of April and it’s time to spread the word around that it’s Earth Day. Now, we do know that most of us wouldn’t even bother to think about what we can do about the problems that our mother planet is facing. We all are too busy doing are daily errands and […] Continue reading →