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Taken 3 Review!

Taken 3 movie review “I will find you and I will kill you.” On second thought, I am too old for this and I know it. This is how tekken…oops..I mean taken 3 can be summed up. Here is a thing that the owners of successful franchises must realise. If you don’t have a script, don’t make a movie! […] Continue reading →

Something new in the quizzing world: Quizot!

The-Stage Last week my friend, a genius in the world of quizzing told me about this new website, Quizot that I should check out. He said he had spent hours taking quizzes on the website the night before and couldn’t wait to get back to it again. To be honest, even though I enjoy an occasional […] Continue reading →

Buzz Launcher – The Ultimate Launcher for Android

Buzz Launcher Google Nexus Theme The power of Android as far as playing around with it’s User Interface is concerned is humongous. A number of launchers have been created by a number of developers, the most widely used being GO Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher and ADW Launcher. Even though all these launchers provide a plethora of customization that can make your Android device […] Continue reading →

App Review : 4 Pic 1 Movie

4 pic 1 movie Platform: Android Cost: Free Review: The recent trend in terms of games available for smartphones these days is related to analytical thinking combined with knowledge of a certain subject. The huge success of 4 Pic 1 word proves how seriously people take gaming on smartphone devices these days. For those of you unaware, 4 pic 1 word […] Continue reading →

WeChat : The next Whatsapp Rival?

weChat app review With Whatsapp landing on every single mobile phone OS (except for Samsung’s Bada OS) it has gone wild with million and million of download and each and every smart phone OS. The ability of Whatsapp to provide cross platform instant messaging service for free (of course you need to be connect to the internet using […] Continue reading →

Fifa 13 is here!

fifa13_demo_uk-656x369_new So there is some good news for all the football fanatics out there. With all the Leagues worth watching having kicked off already and one of the best group of death ever in the UEFA Champions League it was about time for the release of Fifa 13, EA Sports’ one of the biggest game is […] Continue reading →

Book Review: Hilawi by Ritu Lalit

hilawi ritu lalit “So was Hilawi, a hiladi- novel?”-the boy next door, in his worn out casual-challenged. Yup! I was into another long discussion and reading session with the local mates-(8 to 80- all inclusive) – and some said- fictional myths died with our Thakur Ma’r Jhuli and several other creations of the Tagore family- some drew a […] Continue reading →