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Author Interview: Nikita Singh

Nikita Singh What do Sachin Garg , Nikita Singh and Durjoy Datta have in common? Of-course, apart from Grapevine India! Well, they all write absolutely awesome books. We bought you a small glimpse into the life of Sachin Garg here, and to follow the suite is the 20 year old, ever energetic and bubbly, Nikita Singh. Her […] Continue reading →

Author Interview: Sachin Garg

Sachin Garg He is cool, he is smart and he writes fantastic books. It was indeed a beautiful Sunday when our Editor-At-Large, Arpit Verma got to spend an hour with probably one of the best and most in demand writers of the country. The chat seemed to go on forever as an intrigued Arpit put Sachin Garg […] Continue reading →

Book Review: The Backbenchers

the backbenchers The Backbenchers- The Extra Class By Sidharth Oberoi [xrr rating=3/5] So what do you expect from a book that is titled The Backbenchers and is written under a ghost name by two very able writers of the country, Durjoy Dutta and Sachin Garg? A lot of ‘masala’ to say the least and the book kind […] Continue reading →