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How To make torrent sites work in India!

torrentz working So we believe most of you are aware that torrent sites are blocked in India and that’s the reason you would have searched up for a way, a workaround to make a torrent site work and hence you have landed on this page. Yesterday, the court ordered to ban all torrent websites in India and […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Google+

google-plus So the first figures for google+ are finally here in the form of an infographic. Ever since Google+ was launched on June 28, 2012, as an invitation only, it became an instant hit accumulating more than good reviews from around the globe so much so that Facebook felt the increasing need to bring about a […] Continue reading →

Because Wit Happens!

shakespeare In the past we gave you a few author interviews and will continue to do so in the future as well but today we are here to share with you something different.   This time, we did an interview with the co-owners of (Harsh Snehanshu and Apoorv Jain)   Here is what they had to say: […] Continue reading →

Are you obsessed with facebook? [Infographic]

facebook-infographic Okay so here we are with yet another infographic which will interest millions out there (at least all the facebook addicts for sure). The infographic shows the recent stats of the number of users that are obsessed with facebook.  Even though the statistics are HUGE and the numbers are LARGE, I, personally didn’t have a […] Continue reading →

Once upon: Technological Marvel

once upon Okay so today we are talking about something different altogether. We are here to share with you a website which does something really different.  So here is what this site does: Click on the image to zoom in and the things will get clearer. Did you find the three big giants, the three most visited […] Continue reading →