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Infographic — HTC One X Vs. Samsung Galaxy SIII

TBFSpotlight The two leading smartphones of the mobile industry — HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy SIII are being compared by all tech-lovers all over the globe. So we at OP present you with an infographic that does the same but in a different and interesting manner: So which one do you like more? Which android would you […] Continue reading →

How To make torrent sites work in India!

torrentz working So we believe most of you are aware that torrent sites are blocked in India and that’s the reason you would have searched up for a way, a work around to make torrent site work and hence you have landed on this page. Yesterday, the court ordered to ban all torrent websites in India and […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Google+

google-plus So the first figures for google+ are finally here in the form of an infographic. Ever since Google+ was launched on June 28, 2012, as an invitation only, it became an instant hit accumulating more than good reviews from around the globe so much so that Facebook felt the increasing need to bring about a […] Continue reading →

Happy Birthday Facebook – [Infographic]

Happy Birthday Facebook Happy Birthday Facebook! So now that the biggest social networking website (arguably) facebook has turned 8 today. Yes, it’s been 8 years since Mark Zuckerberg began the ‘thefacebook’ in his dorm room. Today, we will talk about something that people who have been using the social networking giant wants to know and has even seen […] Continue reading →

WWDC – Where to see?

WWDC 2011 We all want to be a part of the eagerly anticipated WWDC conference beginning tonight. However, that’s not happening sadly folks so we may well have to sit back in the comfort zones of our respective houses and watch as the action unfolds. The opening keynote is to be delivered by the ever enthusiastic and […] Continue reading →