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Oh Siri Y U No Understand Me?

Siri Siri has to be one of the most best innovations that Apple came up with given that their new range of devices (The New iPad and iPhone 4S) didn’t arouse any sort of interest for us, apart from Siri of course in iPhone 4S. Apple fan boys and girls would say otherwise though but still […] Continue reading →

Sharing and Caring!

caring and sharing Today, let’s talk about sharing and caring and something that we always talk of- life. We will also talk a bit about credibility. Credibility can be stated as the quality of being trusted but one can not confuse it with trust! The reason I say this is because in the modern world or maybe ever […] Continue reading →

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2

It’s all about the Perception- Part 2 The first part of this post was related to Rebecca Black’s song Friday and the other version of the same song which was nothing less than awesome. (Death Metal Friday) Here we are again to talk about perception and things that we think right before we hear something. All of us form a sort of […] Continue reading →

Create a Christmas Jingle with ZooZoo!

zoozoo jingle The festive season is here and so are the Christmas Jingles and so are the ZooZoos! For those of you who are unaware who Zoozoo’s are, head over to youtube and watch the advertisements of the same. Okay, moving on to what we really want to talk about over here. Now, what better can it […] Continue reading →

Siri for Android!

MicrophoneDisabled Ever since Apple came up with the concept of Voice Assistant in the name of Siri with the launch of iPhone 4S, there has been a lot of buzz about the same in the Android market for a similar sort of an application. Now even though there are a number of software already freely available […] Continue reading →