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Just How BIG Is Apple?

Apple-classic Apple is surely one of the biggest company for consumer electronics. Who would have guessed that Apple would end up being a billion dollar enterprise when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began in Steve’s garage (we will let you guess which Steve it was) way back in 1976. It was that time when the word […] Continue reading →

Infographic: Apple Versus Google

google Hi all.  Today i am doing another infographic and this one showing quite a lot of detail in a very colourful so one does not get bored. This time it is about, arguably,  the two biggest technology companies out there. The first apple which we know to be an amzing company which, as we all […] Continue reading →

WWDC – Where to see?

WWDC 2011 We all want to be a part of the eagerly anticipated WWDC conference beginning tonight. However, that’s not happening sadly folks so we may well have to sit back in the comfort zones of our respective houses and watch as the action unfolds. The opening keynote is to be delivered by the ever enthusiastic and […] Continue reading →

Best Infographic of 2011

infographics Recently, We started a new Category of Infographics, which was surely made a hit by you readers Out there. We have shared a total of 13 Infographics so far and We would continue to share More of them in the future.  A few months back, We shared the infographics about Angry Birds, the life of Steve Jobs, Google […] Continue reading →

Guest Post: Book Review: Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson!

Steve-Jobs1 Walter Isaacson, the world renowned author of biographies of famous personalities like Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, stuns the world again with his latest venture- the biography of Steve Jobs. And moreover, Isaacson is the authorized biographer of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had so much faith in Isaacson’s literary genius that he never interfered into […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Google searches in 2011

27475302 2011 is about to end and before we bid adieu to another wonderful year, let’s take a look at what were the most searched terms around the world this year on the most widely used search engine ‘Google’. Today we’ll take a look at the top 10 searches on Google for the year 2011. We […] Continue reading →