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App Review : CoachNote

coachnote App Review : CoachNote Platform: iOS Cost: $1.99 Review: Are you someone who is into sports and loves to strategize the game you play? Well, this application is certainly a jackpot for you! CoachNote is all about creating strategies for a number of sports out there and the number of sports that have been listed […] Continue reading →

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm Preview

SCHead Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm is an upcoming sequel to the Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy game Startcraft II: Wings of Liberty. The game is the second chapter of the Starcraft II trilogy, the third one being Legacy of the Void. The game will have approximately 20 new missions in the campaign featuring the Zerg […] Continue reading →

Apple TV: The next big thing?

apple-tv Apple has reportedly ramped up its TV strategy, outlining a Siri and motion controlled television system in recent meetings with media executives and fleshing out its wirelessly-enabled smart TV set.  The software “might allow users to use their voices to search for a show or change channels,” is the big thing (talking about Siri over here) that might […] Continue reading →

League of Legends Review

LoLHead Game: League of LegendsGenre: Multiplayer Battle Online Arena (MOBA) Developer: Riot Games League of Legends, popularly referred to as LoL, is a team based strategy action role play game developed by Riot games on the lines of the immensely popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of The Ancients (DoTA). If you have played DoTA, you will have […] Continue reading →

Na’Vi bags the first DoTA 2 Tourney

DOTA2 With the first international pre-release DoTA 2 competition at GamesCom coming to a close on the 21st August, Na’Vi certainly proved that they are the best DoTA team out there. DoTA 2, being developed by Valve rather than Blizzard, is set for a release next year. The game is currently in its Beta stages and […] Continue reading →