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Startups Exposed – Infographic

startups It is a known fact that the failure rated when it comes to startups is close to 90%. It is quite possible that the startup which was creating all the buzz this past week, was all over the news, eventually hang up it’s boots without being able to show anything in green! Many people around […] Continue reading →

Zano – Nano Drone raises $ 3 Million Through Kickstarter!

Zano-Kickstarter Quad-copters have been one of the most backed projects on Kickstarter in recent times. Following the trend, yet another quad-copter name Zano has flown past it’s pledge amount of £125,000 to reach £2 Million with more than 10,000 backers. The £2 Million means that the project is way past $3 Million mark and with around 30 […] Continue reading →

What to expect from CES 2015?

Oculu-Rift CES 2015 is set to rock the tech world from 6th to 9th January in Las Vegas. With just a few days to go, there are a lot of expectations from a number of different tech companies including Samsung and Sony. What is expected to be a bullish year in the wearable space, there are […] Continue reading →

Videostream streams localmedia to Chromecast through Chrome

Videostream - Stream PC local media content to chromecast It’s been quite some while since we have been on the lookout for an application with the capability to stream local media to Chromecast. With Chromecast open to developers, we expected that someone will eventually come up with an app that will cater to this need of almost every chromecast owner. Videostream is a chrome extension […] Continue reading →

BlackBerry A10 Image Leaked

blackberry a10 leaked images Seems Blackberry is not going to give up so easily. The success ride which started by reporting a good sales number for Blackberry Z10 seems to be accelerating now. We recently saw Blackberry Q5 which sounds like a good value for money in comparison to the previously launched device on Blackberry 10 OS and now […] Continue reading →

Buzz Launcher – The Ultimate Launcher for Android

Buzz Launcher Google Nexus Theme The power of Android as far as playing around with it’s User Interface is concerned is humongous. A number of launchers have been created by a number of developers, the most widely used being GO Launcher, Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher and ADW Launcher. Even though all these launchers provide a plethora of customization that can make your Android device […] Continue reading →

What type of iPhone user are you?

7 type of iphone users I still remember the first time Steve Jobs spoke about the concept of iPhone at MacWorld in the year 2007. Till this day, I believe the way Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, unveiled it to the world is the key for it’s success. For those of you who missed the presentation, here is the video […] Continue reading →