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Diablo III: Game in the Spotlight

DiabloPostCover With Diablo III set for a release after 2 days, fans are certainly very excited. This will be Blizzard’s next big title that was announced quite a long time back (in 2008) and has been in the gaming news since then. Diablo is a very popular series that began its journey in 1996. Set in the […] Continue reading →

I Cry

My_tears_hold_ I cry, When I see someone in misery. I cry, When I miss my family. I cry, When I see someone begging on the road. I cry, When I see someone moan. I cry, When I miss the love of my life. I cry, When I see someone about to die. I cry, When I […] Continue reading →

US withholds military aid

No more dollors Well, it’s bad news for Pakistani government who has a habit of running military operations on aid given by the US. The US government finally seems to understand that the money given to Pakistan for military operation is apparently used in funding terror organizations. The US government has delayed payment of hundreds of millions of […] Continue reading →