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The Evolution of Batman’s Car – Batmobile!

batmobiles2 So now that we have already gone through the final epic chapter of the triology of the Batman series which has kept us hooked on to it for quite a while, we thought of doing a little more research. A few weeks ago we gave you an infographic about the various changes that have been […] Continue reading →

Can you Skip class today?

OP Infographics How many times have you had that moment in the morning when you weighed your options that should you or shouldn’t you attend the class? Well, we wouldn’t be wrong in saying ‘five times a week’ or in simpler words, every day you have to attend a class! So, while we were on our content […] Continue reading →

The Four Stages of a Twitter User!

twitter_logo_11 Twitter is one of the best and one of the most widely used Social Networking Website. With a user base of millions of users, Twitter is here to stay for a long long time. Now even though a lot of people compare Facebook and Twitter, both of them are two totally different Social Networking Websites.  […] Continue reading →

Teens: 1982 vs 2012

OP Infographics How often have two generations be compared? Well, a simple answer to that would be uncountable number of times. Every now and then your parents would most definitely come up with remarks like, “In our time, we used to do this and bla bla bla is what you people do.” It’s a well known fact. […] Continue reading →

Top 10 songs: DJ Tiesto Today we bring you the Top 10 songs of our Artist of the week, DJ Tiesto.  Currently using the alias Tiesto, DJ Tiesto is one of the top rated DJ in the music industry. Tiesto has been No.1 for 3 consecutive years in the DJ Magazine Top 100 Popularity Poll from 2002 to 2004. he has released 5 […] Continue reading →

Profile of a Twitter User! (Infographic)

OP Infographics So how is everyone doing today? Today, we are back with yet another amazing infographic. Twitter is one of the best social networking website today. Even though it is a general misconception that people go from Facebook to Twitter and enjoy it, both Facebook and Twitter have been running parallel to each other and have […] Continue reading →

The New iPad Finally Available in India!

APTOPIX Apple iPad For those of you who are the true iFans and were waiting for iPad 3 or what the company has named The New iPad, the wait is finally over. The New iPad is finally available in India from today i.e. 27th April,2012 Customers can buy The New iPad Wi-Fi models in black or white and […] Continue reading →

Mobile Gaming Facts and Figures!

big-business.jpg In the last few days, we have done  lot of posts on mobile games, especially game reviews for the three most interesting mobile OS platforms i.e. iOS, Android and the recently developed or rather the one which has been recently on the rise i.e. Windows Phone 7.  A few days ago, a certain gentleman was […] Continue reading →