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AnTuTu Benchmark for Android

440x330-htc-one-s-antutu-benchmark A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the Quadrant Standard Benchmark for Android devices. Today, here we are to talk about yet another Benchmarking tool or rather a benchmarking application for your android device. Now even though Quadrant Standard is our personal favorite and the benchmarking application that we always use as and when […] Continue reading →

Observer’s Showcase #2

MouseFin Ever tried thinking of designing a gadget/instrument/device in Photoshop? Well, I certainly did. I just got the inspiration from a tutorial I came across the net. So, I opened Photoshop, selected the pen tool and with endless vectoring, layer styling and a hell lot of transforming, I came up with an ‘almost 3D’ mouse image..Hope […] Continue reading →