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Facebook lets you schedule updates for your Fan Page!

become_a_facebook_fan Facebook has rolled out more than a few dozen of changes ever since Google+ came into existence and to state the fact outright, all Google+ achieved was providing innovative ideas for people at Facebook to implement and keep the 600million strong community on the top as far as Social Networking is concerned. Given the number […] Continue reading →

AnTuTu Benchmark for Android

440x330-htc-one-s-antutu-benchmark A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the Quadrant Standard Benchmark for Android devices. Today, here we are to talk about yet another Benchmarking tool or rather a benchmarking application for your android device. Now even though Quadrant Standard is our personal favorite and the benchmarking application that we always use as and when […] Continue reading →

5 Free and Awesome tools to create Infographics!

OP Infographics As you might have observed, we have been putting up a number of infographics on our website off late. To be frank, we have fallen in love with the concept of infogarphics for they provide such amazing information in such vibrant colours and in such a way that it stays in the head for a […] Continue reading →

ucoz lets you set up a website for free!

ucoz-make-website-for-free- In the age of internet, online identity has become very important. The number of websites and the number of bloggers around the globe has increased massively in the past few years. Over the past a number of our readers have come up with the question to us- How do you build a website? Now setting […] Continue reading →

Facebook Features BEFORE and AFTER Google+

Facebook VS Google Recently Facebook announced a bunch of improvements that made it easier to share posts, photos, tags and other content with exactly the people you want. They have made changes to make “who can see this?” feature more visual and straightforward. The main change was moving most of controls from the settings page to being inline, right […] Continue reading →

Google’s ‘What Do You Love’ Portal

Google's What Do You Love Google has been making a tool that could be used to show just about anybody more of what Google makes. They produced a website— What Do You Love? —that demonstrates how different Google products can show you different things about a particular search query.   It’s a simple search box, just like the one on Google’s homepage, but it shows […] Continue reading →