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Socket Programming Tutorial #4

google-maps Python Socket Programming #4   Hi in this lesson we are going to learn how to use libraries that have been built on top of the socket library.   In this tutorial we will be using httplib module which is a high-level module, and using this we will be connecting to google maps to find the coordinates […] Continue reading →

Batch File Programming Tutorial#2

Programming Batch File Programming Tutorial #2  HI GUYS !!! Today were going to learn how to create markers and how to make the user input data . MARKERS  What are markers ??? They are specified points/line  in a commands which have been marked, so that they can be  called on later during the execution. How to […] Continue reading →

App Review- NFL Flick QB

 <p><p>Platform: iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Price: 69p Hi all. This time i am reviewing a new game which is in the top grossing list on the app store and it has every reason to be there. This amazing game might mislead you at the strat as most people usually think that American Football games are […] Continue reading →

Batch File Programming

echo command Batch File  programming Tutorial #1   HI GUYS !! This tutorial is intended to teach you how to code small but effective programs in windows using the dos commands. For this tutorial what you wil need is a system with windows running on it.  In these tutorial we will use hit and trial  approach, as […] Continue reading →

Socket Programming using Python #3

4 Python Socket Programming Tutorial #3   Hi guys!!!! today were going to start doing some the most basic and most important parts of network programming . How to send data??? To send data over networks using TCP protocol we use send(string[,flags]), this sends the given string o bytes to the remote socket. While To do […] Continue reading →

Top 10 Games of 2011

TTG2011 2011 was certainly a tremendous year for Gamers. So we thought of bringing to you, what we consider were the best games that rocked the gaming industry in this year. There were many solid titles that we had to consider while making the list, while some made it in our top ten others just couldn’t […] Continue reading →

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial VII – The Pen Tool

TutFeat7 Hello everyone! Hope you had a nice Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. I sure am. This might not be the best time, but I hope that you guys/gals can take out some time and do some ‘Photoshop-ing’ maybe. 😛 The last tutorial was pretty basic and you got to learn how to create […] Continue reading →