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How to ignore people on Social Networks – The Subtle Way

untick show in news feed With so many social networks (Facebook and Twitter being the biggest ones) and instant messengers present in the modern age of computers or rather what is actually the computer age, ignoring people is kind of difficult. I know that many of you would be of the opinion why should one ignore people but believe it […] Continue reading →

How to get more Re-tweets on Twitter?

twitter logo Twitter, twitter tell me how to get more re-tweets for my tweets now? Social media and social networking websites have gone on to become one of the most important part for both bloggers as well as people who are eager to learn i.e. content discovery. Twitter and Facebook beyond any doubt are the two best […] Continue reading →

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts!

twitter-keyboard-shortcuts Twitter has come a long way ever since it first came into existence. Facebook and Twitter are two social networking websites that have adapted keeping the incoming competition at bay and also keeping the users hooked to them. If you are a Twitter regular and by a Twitter regular we mean who loves to tweet […] Continue reading →

How to deal with information overload?

Social-Media-Twitter-YouTube-Flickr-Facebook-520x245 How to deal with information overload? We have said this time and again in a number of posts in the past as well and yet we have to say it again – Internet is the biggest and the best technologically possible discovery ever done by mankind. Even though it has had it’s negatives as well […] Continue reading →

Reasons for unfollowing people on twitter.

Twitter-unfollow-you Reasons for unfollowing people on twitter. Twitter is by far the biggest social networking website at the moment. It not only is a social networking website but to a great extent a huge way of keeping updated as well as social discovery. Have you ever had a sudden surge in your twitter followers or a […] Continue reading →